The Pinnacle Schools, located in Huntsville, AL, is a private year round school which provides diagnostic, assessment, education and intervention services for troubled teens ages 12-18. In a residential treatment setting, Pinnacle Schools ascribes to “no child left behind”and believed it applies to each and every child that walks through their doors.

Jane Baker, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, PIP has joined the Team at Elk River as Family Services Coordinator. Baker brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of diagnostic assessment, attachment disorders, developmental trauma; and treatment services; and has has spent much of her career working with fostering and adoptive families.

Another member of the Team at Pinnacle, Paul Bakke, ALC, has been with Elk River since 2010. Bakke sees his position as much more than a career; he refers to it as opportunity to make a positive impact on the students and families they serve. Bakke also facilitates process groups like Anger Management at the Huntsville Campus.

Together, the Pinnacle Schools Team works diligently to provide and environment of respect, acceptance and skill development in which at-risk adolescents can thrive. For more information on The Pinnacle Schools visit their website or contact Kathy DeMillier, admissions: 866.906.8336 or 256.518.9998.