Safe Passage Adolescent Services

"Working today for a better tomorrow . . .The world may be a different place because I have been important in a child’s life."™

  • Worry free planned transport of at-risk adolescents

  • Professional agents that exhibit dignity and respect for all adolescents in our care

  • Client confidentiality

  • We will arrange the travel logistics for your child and we coordinate transport with program admissions departments

  • Written estimates for our services are always provided

  • We find missing and runaway teenagers

With more than twenty years of transport experience, our agents provide the highest level of professional service to families around the world.

SafePassage Adolescent Services ® is a division of Hunter Investigations LLC, which is licensed by the State of Georgia. Our firm is bonded and insured. SafePassage has gender specific trained agents available to meet the needs of parents in crisis. Call us to learn how professional assistance can reduce your stress and help you resolve an adolescent crisis.

Lane Taylor