Parents Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Where do I send my teenager? I know my teen needs help but they are already over 17, it’s probably too late; shouldn’t I just wait until they are legal and send them packing?


These are just some of the questions that goes through a parent’s mind when they are looking to add a therapeutic component to their teenagers education. There are several things to consider, but most importantly remember it is never too late to seek the help of professionals to get your teenager the help they need. Did you hear that? It’s never too late.

There are a couple of key things to consider:

  • The age of your teen, and

  • The issues your teen is facing.

Let’s looks at age first. Many parents give up and hold their breath once their teenager reached seventeen and a half. This is the wrong thing to do. More times than I can count parents in crisis have said to me, “The law says my son can do what ever he wants in a few months so what am I to do?” You, as parents, need to realize that if you live in a State that gives adult responsibilities to teenagers at age eighteen, you can enroll your teenager in a therapeutic program in a State that has pushes the Age of Majority to nineteen, twenty or twenty-one. That’s right, SafePassage research indicates that there are five States in the US that have increased the Age of Majority beyond eighteen: Alabama, Indiana, Nebraska, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. Many of these States have short tem and long term therapeutic schools and programs for your teenager. In addition SafePassage has found that several other States have statutes that make exception to the eighteen year old Age of Majority.

What good is this to me, you ask, because my family lives in a State that clearly says eighteen is the Age of Majority? The reason it’s good for you is that when your teenager is a registered full time student in another State, they are bound to the laws of that State including the higher Age of Majority, if that is applicable. This will buy you some more time to assist your teenager in finding them the help they need to work through their issues.

Ok, you’ve figured out the Age of Majority issue, now what about the location. There are literally thousands of short-term and long-term therapeutic environments to choose from. With so many choices how can a parent responsibly select the right place for their teenager? By using an Educational Consultant to help narrow down the choices parents can select an environment that will meet the needs of their teenager. Educational Consultants work to learn about the therapeutic schools and programs, the therapists, counselors and clinicians at the programs and after assessing your teenager they can help parents make a good choice.

Lane Taylor