Dr. Elizabeth Kohlstaedt to Speak

I posted an announcement on the NATWC blog yesterday alerting everyone to the fact that Dr. Elizabeth Kohlstaedt will present at the annual NATWC Conference in September 2009. For those of you who do not know Dr. Kohlstaedt I must encourage you to come and hear her speak. Her message is one that should not be missed. Dr. Kohlstaedt is the Clinical Director at Intermountain, which is located in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains in Helena, Montana.


Intermountain, founded as the Montana Deaconess Preparatory School in 1909, is dedicated to caring for the needs of children. In recent years they have directed their care toward the growing need for treatment of children struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. When All You Have is a Hammer Everyone Looks Like a Nail is the presentation Dr. Kohlstaedt will be bringing to the NATW Conference. It is just one of the philosophies Dr. Kohlstaedt uses to drive home the point of not overlooking the obvious when you are working with children. NATWC is pleased to have Dr. Kohlstaedt be an integral part of the Conference and excited that local and international front line staff that work with at-risk adolescents every day will be able to benefit directly from her message.

Lane Taylor