Missing Juveniles

Being caught up in a situation where an adolescent has been abducted or gone missing is a frightening experience. Time is of the essence and unfortunately all too often it becomes a time when parents succumb to emotional paralysis. To avoid this reaction be proactive. Set out to have a plan of action in case your teenager runs away or is abducted.


Of course you will want to have the police on speed dial, that is 911, but you need to be ready to answer a myriad of questions as well. SafePassage advocates each parent to have a Parent Action Crisis Kit for each of your children. This will maximize your crisis time, the time following when you realize your adolescent is missing, and will allow you to hastily produce documentation that will be useful for law enforcement and your private investigation team.

Jeremy Bennett, Director of Training and Emergency Management for Southern Crescent Technical College Police Department, Griffin, GA, has provided Hunter Investigations LLC with a guide as to local law enforcement procedure in these times of crisis. Take a moment and read what Bennett has to say.

Remember to always be proactive when it comes to your teenagers. If they have been gone for more than a reasonable length of time or if you have any reason to believe they are in danger report it to the police. Then, solicit the help of a private investigations team.

Lane Taylor