Art Therapy

In a recent presentation I listened to local motivational speaker  Judi Collins and author of Devotions Moose Manor A Tale of Forgiveness spoke recently about having "clay days" when her children were growing up. Collins shared her experiences of having the lump of clay in the middle of the table and each one sitting around takes from the lump what they want to work with.


Clay is not easy to mold, Collins said, but the continued action of working with the that medium offers opportunity for each child to work out their frustrations, break down their emotional barriers and verbalize their personal issues. I asked Collins if she considered this round-table clay-day activity to be a form of Art Therapy. Collins said she had not thought of it in that vain, but perhaps her motivation could be paralleled to that of a therapist. Collins intent was to find a way to control the chaos while staying connected emotionally and spiritually with her children.

Perhaps the home environment is where Art Therapy originated, I'm not sure, but what I can tell you is that many therapeutic schools and programs use Art Therapy to reach their students and provide an avenue for healing.

Timberline Knolls uses Art Therapy as part of their integrated approach to treatment. Through pencils, paint, clay and other mediums Timberline Knolls helps adolescent girls with eating disorders, drug addiction, mood disorders and other issues find a way to express their feelings when they find self-expression difficult through words alone. Often when something cannot be verbalized, Art Therapy allows a pathway to free the troubled soul of an at-risk teen.

Consider Art Therapy as a medium for your troubled-teen to begin healing and give Timberline Knolls a call to see how they can be of help to you: 866.572.5380. Contact SafePassage Adolescent Services 770.776.7467 for a SafePassage Transport.

Lane Taylor