Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at SafePassage Adolescent Services ® we take this moment and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of the families we serve. We give thanks especially today for the trust you extend to our Agents; for our staff who answer the phones and handle logistics; and for the coaches that continue to hold your hand after your son or daughter has been delivered for treatment by one of our SafePassage Transport Teams.


We ask special prayers for each teenager in crisis as they are in treatment, that you will receive an open mind and open heart with which you may accept the opportunity that has been provided for you; that you will find the courage that lies within to take the first step in an on-going, lifelong commitment to be the best you can be. Taking time to identify the stumbling blocks that lie beneath, and remembering that it is out of love that you have been given an immeasurable gift; will set you on the road to healing.

Out of our abundance we are able to continue to help other families in need at home and around the world; and we are able to continue to provide financial support to the United Methodist Women, the Alpharetta First United Methodist Church, Prodigal Child Ministries, The IECA Foundation, Disabled American Veterans and The Salvation Army. 

May God bless you each, now and always. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lane Taylor