The Elk River Treatment Programs are four resources of the Pinnacle Schools.

Elk River Treatment Program is a short-term therapeutic intervention model program that provides service for at-risk adolescents ages 12-18. Residents at Elk River typically have diagnosis that include ADD/ADHD, ODD, Bipolar, behavioral issues, dysfunctional family environments, substance abuse and variants thereof.

This treatment program offers a state-of-the-art approach to physician directed medication management, year round accredited academics with a flexible length of stay. Elk River’s treatment team includes, physicians, psychologists and psychiatrist; LPC, PhD and Masters level educators; registered nurses and dieticians and well as other credentialed professionals who complete their continuum of care.

Elk River Academy is where many ERTP residents go following the initial phase of their treatment. ERA provides a transitional living environment to help solidify the achievements made during their stay at ERTP.

Elk River Healthy Lifestyles is a medically based, multi-faceted approach for the whole family that centers on weight management and nutrition which has been incorporated into the Treatment Program at Elk RIver.

The Academic Resource Center of the Pinnacle Schools is a year round private, accredited school  that provides education for students ages 12-18. The curriculum model includes a full spectrum of core academics, advanced placement, honors and college prep classes as well as an array of exciting electives. Classroom size is smaller than traditional schools which promote the opportunity for more individualized instruction.

For more information on Elk River Treatment Programs: Elk River Treatment Program, Elk River Academy, Elk River Healthy Lifestyles and the Academic Resource Center look for them on the web or call their admissions team: 866.906.TEEN or 256.518.9998.