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Evangelhouse ® Christian Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for middle school and high school aged girls. Melding conservative values and Christian principles Evangelhouse offers a unique combination of academics and professional psychological therapy in a residential setting.

Evangelhouse offers parents and guardians a safe, fresh alternative to the traditional wilderness experience and drug rehab.  Staff at Evangelhouse work with girls experiencing mild depression, anxiety, ADHD and other disorders manifested through drug and alcohol experimentation, under achieving in academics and struggling with family relationships, to identify core issues and engage Students in their five-stage process helping the girls redirect their focus toward spiritual growth and healing the family.

Through year round academics and fine arts; controlled, supervised social experiences; regular individual, group and family counseling; individual and team sports, nutrition and exercise; Evangelhouse is able to help troubled girls change their lives. By teaching the girls how to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to the aspects of their everyday lives these girls learn how to address the issues they face; and, accept the challenges that lie ahead without holding onto destructive behavior of their past.

For more information about Evangelhouse visit their website: www.evangelhouse.com. To find out if your troubled teenage daughter is a good fit for Evangelhouse call 800.924.4012 and ask for admissions.

TCUSA_LOGOAccredited with honors through Teen Challenge USA


Member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Registered with the Louisiana Department of Education  DOE-Louisiana-Approved