Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy, located in Branson West, MO, is more than a therapeutic boarding school for at-risk boys; it is a place they can call home while they are healing from their hurts and learning how to face challenges that lie ahead.

Whether as a parent or guardian you are looking for a structured rehabilitation program for your son who is struggling with substance abuse and addiction or if your son is in crisis with behavioral issues Ozarks TCBA stands ready to help. With a Christian worldview based therapeutic model for their students, the staff helps your son discover that God’s plan is a better path for his life than the one he is presently on.

Pain and Despair are replaced by Hope and Change at Ozarks TCBA.

Families also find support and healing from the past. With the support of staff your son will earn passes to spend time with his family on and off campus as he progresses through their model for treatment. Ozarks TCBA has developed opportunities to promote family reconciliation and healing and establish a plan for home life after your son graduates.

Visit Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy on the web or call their office: 417.272.3784 and speak with an admissions counselor to find out more about the opportunities for recovery that await your son.

George W. Bush, Art Linkletter, Dr. John A. Howard, Charles Colson, Former President Ronald Reagan, and Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft have endorsed the Teen Challenge programs. Read their endorsements.