Phoenix Outdoor, located east of Asheville North Carolina, works with at-risk teens ages 13-17 who are affected by chemical dependency and substance abuse. Using a wilderness based model for therapy Phoenix Outdoor offers a high impact intervention leading the at-risk teen to an emotional place where they can recognize the need for change.

The Staff at Phoenix directs a focused therapeutic curriculum to the troubled youth and introduces the  12 Step process. Through participation in supportive peer groups and working directly with trained instructors Phoenix Outdoor creates a safe environment where the at-risk teens have an opportunity to reflect on the importance of change.

Clinically trained therapists help these adolescents see the parallel between wilderness experiences and real life in order to help them gain awareness which enables them to have a substance-free vision for their lives. Certified addiction counselors offer substance abuse classes, group sessions and individual counseling.

Phoenix Outdoor is cognizant of the family. Realizing that substance abuse effects the entire family, Phoenix Outdoor offers opportunity for the family to receive weekly counseling, participation in teleconference support groups and interactive psycho-educational seminars.

The Phoenix Outdoor model for treatment offers hope for the abuser and the family.

For more information visit Phoenix Outdoor online, or call 888.972.7736 and speak with one of their Admissions personnel.