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SafePassage - NATSAP 2012 Leadership Award

SafePassage – NATSAP 2012 Leadership Award

Friday was an exciting day at the NATSAP Conference as Rosemary Tippett was presented with the Leadership Award during the lunch session. For the past decade Rosemary has volunteered countless hours working together with other like-minded individuals to found the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. Rosemary set about to establish an organization for...
SafePassage - Missing Juveniles

SafePassage – Missing Juveniles

Being caught up in a situation where an adolescent has been abducted or gone missing is a frightening experience. Time is of the essence and unfortunately all too often it becomes a time when parents succumb to emotional paralysis. To avoid this reaction be proactive. Set out to have a plan of action in case...
SafePassage: K-9 Intervention

SafePassage: K-9 Intervention

SafePassage Adolescent Services announces K-9 Intervention. K-9 Intervention is a unique service that affords parents and grandparents of adolescents an opportunity to discover if illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are in their home. SafePassage, through our parent company Hunter Investigations LLC will work with parents by sending a highly trained drug dog, the dog’s handler...