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SafePassage - Are You Interested in Saving a Life?

SafePassage – Are You Interested in Saving a Life?

His father travels and I work full time; he failed his drug test  and I found all kinds of drug paraphernalia in his room and when I asked him about what I found he told me to mind my own business. His father got him a bed at Peachford but he is in Europe so...
SafePassage: K-9 Intervention

SafePassage: K-9 Intervention

SafePassage Adolescent Services announces K-9 Intervention. K-9 Intervention is a unique service that affords parents and grandparents of adolescents an opportunity to discover if illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are in their home. SafePassage, through our parent company Hunter Investigations LLC will work with parents by sending a highly trained drug dog, the dog’s handler...