Parents, guardians and families in crisis around the globe call on SafePassage Adolescent Services to transport their at risk adolescents (troubled teens) to therapeutic schools, wilderness programs and facilities they select for their children.

The transport service was excellent. They have a very hard job and completed it with the utmost care and professionalism.
— Mother of a seventeen-year-old boy. Louisiana.
Your professionalism when your transporters picked up my son at the [detention] Center in Nashville made a very difficult situation tolerable.
— Mother of a seventeen year old boy. Tennessee.
Thank you so much for the wonderful job that your company did. The pick up at the house went very smoothly; [they] did a great job. [Our son] followed their instructions; [the female Transporter] has a very dis-arming style which had my son talking with her almost immediately.
— Father of a seventeen year old boy. Georgia.

SafePassage provides a safe, caring setting for at risk adolescents while they are being transported to a therapeutic environment where they can receive help for the challenges they face. Our Transport Teams are ready to assist your family during your time of crisis.

The Transporters were wonderful and I feel secure that we have made the right decision. There is no amount of money that covers what your team does. Whatever the outcome I can’t thank you enough. Bless you and hope to see you soon.
— Mother of a fifteen year old boy. Georgia.
The gentlemen you sent to pick up my son alleviated my anxiety and directed me in how to deliver the news to my son that he was going away. I am so glad they were here.
— Parents of a fourteen year old boy. Virginia.
Thank you for everything you did to help us through a very emotional time for our family. Not only did you provide us with Safe Passage for [our son] to and from three locations but you became a dear friend to me. Your words of encouragement and hope comforted me in more ways that you will ever know. It is obvious that you have a great deal of compassion for struggling teens and their families.
— Parents of a seventeen year old boy. Georgia.

We proudly provide highly trained and qualified personnel to transport at risk adolescents. Many of the families we serve have of their own accord provided testimonials about their personal experiences. Many of the SafePassage Transport Teams are comprised of individuals who work under cover in the line of duty with their local Law Enforcement or as a licensed Private Investigator. In order to protect the identity of our Transport Team Members and protect the confidentiality of our Clients, their names have been omitted. 

Please know how comfortable I was with [SafePassage Agents] assisting [my daughter] on this new journey of her life. I trusted you both implicitly – your compassion, values, and integrity are of the highest standards. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
— Mother of a fifteen year old girl. North Carolina.

”I wanted to extend my sincerest thank you for the services that SafePassage provided to my son and my family in a time of crisis last weekend.  I was amazed at how quickly and professionally you responded to our last minute request for transportation of our son...  We were able to make all of the arrangements and initiate the service within a 24-hour period.  Your team members were extremely capable at getting my son both into the transport vehicle and out of it…when we were not sure he was going to go willingly.  They were able to make the long, scary, challenging overnight car ride much less frightening and painful with their experienced interactions and personable demeanor.  And their willingness to provide regular contact gave this desperate mama the reassurance she needed.  Blessings to your organization as you do such hard, yet meaningful, work on behalf of young people and their families.”