Directory of Complementary Services 

SafePassage Adolescent Services transports at-risk and troubled teenagers to therapeutic schools and programs located throughout the United States and beyond. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to select the program or school and work with the appropriate admission personnel at the Destination to secure placement. SafePassage does not provide assessments for students but do have relationships with many schools, programs, and educational consultants and will direct parents or guardians to appropriate personnel if requests for assistance in this area are made.

International transports are also available; please contact the office for information on these type transports: 770.667.7467.

Directories & Associations:

Independent Educational Consultants Association

All Kinds of Therapy : Program Directory

Therapeutic Schools and Program Information

For more information about therapeutic schools and programs please feel free to contact us. SafePassage encourages parents to whenever possible visit the school or program prior to the admission of their student as this provides additional peace of mind for the difficult decision you are making. When you are in crisis mode a campus visit may not be possible.

SafePassage transports students to the Destination selected by the legal guardian.