SafePassage® Safety

The safety of your troubled teen is paramount to us at SafePassage. We care so much that we go above and beyond to plan the safest mode of travel based upon the emotional place of your Student.

At SafePassage we strive to plan and execute a transport that will leave the most positive impression possible on each troubled teen and each family we serve, and bring each Student in our care to a place of acceptance for the opportunity that is being provided for them.

SafePassage® Agents

At Safe Passage, our priority is your family. We will send only agents that meet our extensive criteria and training requirements. When you choose Safe Passage, you can rest assured that our agents:

  • Are Kind and Compassionate.

  • Treat Your At-risk Teen with Dignity and Respect.

  • Are Trained in Intervention, Crisis Management and Logistics.

  • Know How to Work with Your At-risk Teen.

  • Are Experienced in How to Move Through Your Crisis and Establish a Place of Peaceful Coexistence in Which Your Teen can Travel.

  • Are Trained in Verbal De-escalation and Para-verbal Communication.

  • Can Read Your At-risk Teen’s Body Language and Know their Thoughts Before the Words are Spoken.

  • Provide Discrete Communication with the Parents or Guardians Throughout the Transportation Service.

  • Understand that Transporting Your At-risk Teen is a Private Family Matter; Your confidentiality is Respected and Guarded.