Missing or Runaway Teenager

SafePassage Adolescent Services is a division of Hunter Investigations LLC a full service licensed detective agency in Georgia who specializes in the recovery of missing and runaway teenagers.

We have licensed private detectives ready to assist families locate and recover their at-risk teens who have run away to avoid going to treatment. Through an established method of investigation our detectives are able to assist parents begin to assemble pieces of the puzzle that will close the doors of opportunity and ultimately locate the missing teen.

Legal Advocacy

Parental and custodial rights vary from State to State and Country to Country. SafePassage has the resources to point parents and guardians in the right direction for legal advice regarding parental rights, family law, custodial responsibilities and laws governing extended custody. It is important to all of us at SafePassage that each parent and guardian be completely comfortable with making the correct decision based on the laws in your State of Country.

Companion Traveler Service

SafePassage provides Companion Traveler Service for adults, older teens and young adults who are ready for a life change and have made the decision to move into treatment or transitional living, SafePassage provides qualified agents to travel as sober companions and provide a smooth and safe environment in which they can travel.

We also provide Companion Traveler Service for Senior Adults who prefer not to travel alone and for Aging Elders who need to live closer to their adult children. Sometimes crisis occur during the time when a grandparent is visiting and they are left stranded because family members attentions are needed elsewhere. SafePassage provides a Companion Traveler to safely help the grandparent home.

Trusted Transports

Regardless of whether you need to engage a Transport Team for bringing an at-risk adolescent to treatment or arrange for a Companion Traveler to accompany a young adult or senior, SafePassage handles all logistics in-house. We provide a written estimate for service based on an approved plan for transport. We take into account the family dynamics; location for the intervention; and the destination and determine the safest plan that best meets the needs of the client as well as the receiving program.

Travel Services

SafePassage  uses a third party Travel Agency to purchase the airline tickets because it is in the best interest of our Clients. Flight information is reported in real time to the travel agency; not internet time. We never encounter bait and switch with our travel agency; the cost of airfare that we provide to our Clients is the most current based on inventory available for the Transport Plan. SafePassage has long standing relationships with travel agents who have made a career out of establishing relationships with the airlines. It is through these relationships that we are able to provide the best quality travel service for our Clients. 

Added Benefits of Using SafePassage 

Adolescent & Adult Intervention & Transport

  • Missing Person Investigation and Recovery

  • PCI & HIPAA Compliance

  • Turnkey transport of at-risk adolescents

  • Professional agents that exhibit dignity and respect for all adolescents in our care

  • Client confidentiality