Parent Action Crisis Kit : PACK 

Assemble your PACK today. For more information on the importance of a PACK read the article at Hunter Investigations.

The three most important things that should appear first on the top of each PACK is the name of your child, their cell phone number and the name and cell phone number of the friend they are closest to and spend the most time with. It’s not about who you want them to hang out with or who they used to do things with but who your children are associating with.

Then include:

  • Names of parents, siblings and current address;

  • Copy of birth certificate; Drivers License or Permit; Passport; School ID;

  • Recent photograph not more than six months old;

  • Photographs and description of the vehicles they are permitted to drive;

  • Vehicle tag numbers; VIN numbers;

  • Copy of vehicle registration, tracking devices or remote locating service associated with the vehicle;

  • Medical and automotive insurance;

  • Names and phone numbers of doctors; dentist, orthodontist, chiropractor;

  • Blood type, height and weight;

  • Current medications, allergies, diseases or conditions;

  • Therapist, Educational Consultant and a brief therapeutic history if any;

  • Hospitalization history;

  • Cell phones – print a copy of the pages your teenagers monthly cell phone statement;

  • Names, addresses and cell phone numbers of, close friends, the person your teenager is dating and photographs of them;

  • Names, addresses and cell phone numbers of friends parents;

  • Names and addresses of relatives that your child has a close relationship with;

  • My Space and Facebook account information;

  • Name and address of their Schools, guidance counselor, coach or teacher and parent volunteers who are affiliated with your child’s activities;

  • Extra-curricular activities and the locations and times of the activities;

  • Local hangouts such as coffee shops, shopping malls or teen centers;

  • Job – if your teenager has a job list the address, phone number and manager;

  • Credit Card, Bank Card, Check Card account numbers and photocopies of these cards front and back;

  • Finger prints – some parents have these from school safe kids programs.

If you have adopted children include:

  • Adoption information, final adoption papers and the name and addresses of biological parents if known.

If you are divorced include:

  • Divorce custody documents;

  • Addresses of custodial and non-custodial parents;

  • Address of child if different;

  • Custodial Arrangement;

  • Pending Custodial Changes;

  • Siblings and their respective addresses.

Duplicate PACKs for each of their children may be necessary. Decide what is appropriate for your family, assemble what you need and set aside time to keep the PACKs current. Remember to update each PACK once a month with copies of cell phone records and any new friends or hangouts. From there, any time your child has a change in their personal appearance with piercings, tattoos, new hair color or a dramatic change in personal appearance make a note of it on the PACK and if you are able to obtain a photo include it in the pack.At least once a year, even if you don’t think anything has changed with your child pull out the PACK and go through it. A SafePassage Client told us that they had missed some pertinent information on one child and that if they had not set aside a time to review their PACK they may have left it incomplete. Be smart; make a PACK.

Remember to report any drastic change in behavior to your health care professional.